Meet Our Family

What is 'A Bokros Kind of Life' you might be asking. It's crazy fun, never dull, always changing, filled with laughter and full of love. On the flip side it can be chaotic, hectic, hard and stressful at times.  From the very moment we said "YES God! We will live for you!" our lives have never been the same. 

Our blog is a way for us to share the ordinary and extraordinary ways that God blesses our lives simply because we made the decision to take up our cross and follow Him. As Paul says in the Bible "you will know my faith by my works" and that is what we hope you see here.  We hope to live each moment we are given to the fullest and make the most of all of the experiences God takes us through in this life.....and to take you along with us!

Welcome to A Bokros Kind of Life!