Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We've Moved!!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog....I did not realize that it was never deleted, but a new, fancier, and beautifully created website (thanks to my tech genius hubby) has been created.  Click on over to www.abokroskindoflife.com to see all that is new and happening in our life!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun With Food.......and Kids!

If you have been reading our blog for any length of time, you have probably guessed that WE LOVE FOOD!  I have said before that we are the perfect blend of yummy and healthy - Ryan with a degree in Culinary Arts and mine in Nutrition.  It seems we are creating four little foodies as we pass our passions along to our girls.  These are some of the things we have enjoyed making together recently:

(pretty healthy)
(topped with strawberries - healthy?)
(whole wheat flour - somewhat healthy?)
(SUPER yummy......healthy, not so much)

My suggestions for cooking with your kids -
  • LET THEM DO IT!!  I cannot stress this enough!  You will hold their interest much longer and they will enjoy it much more if they get to get a little messy.  Yes, it will take you longer (see my next point) and yes there will be more of a mess, but it will be worth it.

  • Don't be in a rush!  Five o'clock, when you are frantically trying to get dinner made before everyone is in complete meltdown mode, is NOT THE TIME TO INVOLVE YOUR KIDS!  Set aside a time and leave plenty of time for special things to make.  If you want them to help with meal preparations then start early so yo have plenty of time.
  • Kid-Sized Utensils are also important.  We have a great step stool that brings them up high enough to reach our island. We leave it out all the time. Even if they are not cooking with me they are standing on it to chat while I'm cooking.  I love that!  We also have a small rolling pin, small aprons and small spoons for stirring.

  • Make something they want to eat.  My girls help me with the weekly menu planning.  I have some great little cookbooks, with lots of pictures.  They look through them mark what sounds yummy to them.   We also frequently check out kids cookbooks from the library.  

  • Taste along the way!  

Hope your weekend is filled with fun family time!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Faith Filled Friday: Be Intentional

I want to live my faith out loud.  I NEED to live my faith out loud.  I start my day with a simple prayer...

I'm over at Seeds of Faith today for Faith Filled Friday.

Stop in and be encouraged!

Seeds Of Faith For The Christian Mom

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiny Hands and A Lesson From A Loving Father

In case you missed it I mentioned on a previous post that our littlest one, Sadie~Ryan, is on the move!  With her mobility comes a whole new level of diligence on my part in keeping small things out of her path and making sure the floors are clean (or should I say cleanER).  It has also led to MANY teaching moments for her sisters in helping me keep her safe.
She has a particular love for paper??  She can spot piece of paper large or small and make her way to it in no time.  And of course once she reaches the paper it goes immediately into her mouth!
I walked in the other day to find Emmalie sitting beside Sadie~Ryan, while Sadie~Ryan was thoroughly enjoying a piece of paper she had found on the floor.  My initial reaction was to get on to Emmalie for letting her have the paper to chew on.  "Honey, why did you let her have that?  You know that's not good for her!"  Emmalie looked at me and said, "But Mamma....she likes it...she cries when I try to take it away."
It was in that moment that God spoke quietly to my heart.  
I know full well that I often cry in protest, just like Sadie~Ryan, when God reaches down to lead me away from something that is not good for me.  
And if I stop crying long enough to listen I can hear him lovingly say....
Maggie, I want the best for you.  
THAT is not good for you, but HERE is something that will satisfy you.

I shared this lesson with Emmalie and since have heard her so lovingly tell her little sister "that is not safe for you, but here is something you can play with."

I love when God uses my children to teach me lessons about His love for me.  I can think of many things that I hear Him lead me away from.....a sugary treat, more time in front of the computer, a conversation full of gossip and judgement.  I try my best to obey, when I hear Him tug at my heart.  But knowing that I will DEFINITELY fail and He will ALWAYS forgive is the sweetest song to my soul.

Is there something He is leading you away from?  Is it a struggle for you to obey?  I would love to know how I can pray for you today.  If you don't feel comfortable sharing a comment that can be read by everyone, please feel free to email me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Multitude Monday: Unplanning

I am a planner.......maybe by nature, but mostly by necessity.  It would be nearly impossible for me to manage a family this size, without the detailed planning of our daily lives.  The work that goes into keeping everything running smoothly makes those unplanned moments, when we can get away with just our little girls, sooo much sweeter.
Last Sunday was one of those moments.  On our way home from church we decided on a whim to head down to the coast.  Ryan booked us a hotel on the beach, while the girls and I threw some things in a suitcase.  And off we went!  

Sharing the Unexpected Gifts of Unplanning today (99-124 in my Journey to 100 Gifts).

Provision for a little trip
Packing suitcases
Long, much needed conversation while the girls were occupied in the car
The smell of the ocean
The sound of the waves rushing to the shore

Contemplating my smallness and yet He still knows my EVERY thought
Trying new foods.....squid!
Praying for our country....MY country.......God shed your grace on thee.
A hotel!
Fighting over the buttons in the elevator
Buffet breakfast
Searching and finding......seashells


First splashes in the ocean

Sand between my toes

Watching them play.......feeling like my heart could burst......understanding how much He loves me

Summer treats

Spoons that are straws

Knowing he ate them the same way as a boy :).

When was the last time you left room for a little unplanning in your life?  I would love to hear about it.