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Just hanging with some sweet friends today and meeting some new ones.
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More fun times! A Bokros Kind of Life was featured on Modern Alternative Mama's Real Food on A Budget Series! Check it out!

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May God richly bless your day!


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Did you enjoy my friends? {giveaway}

I don't know about you, but I LOVED reading the posts my friends did for me while I was taking some time off.  I did promise a giveaway for you if you showed them some love, so here's the details:

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Robyn from Our Homeschool Home

Keri from Just Peas and Carrots

Michelle from Some Girl's Website

Lacey from The Well Traveled Day

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Multitude Monday: Milestones

So much in our lives has been changing over the past couple of months and so much is about to change over the next year.  I am feeling the weight of it all in good ways and bad.  Lots of hard things, but lots of anticipation and excitement in the air.  It's quite a mix of emotions I go through on a daily basis.

Today I am continuing on my journey to find 1000 Gifts.

81. God's PERFECT Timing!
82. Accomplishments

83. First Teeth!
84. First Banana!

85. Mobility!

86. Provision to do a budget with
87. Another successful summer adventure
88. Family Movie Night
89. Homemade Tortillas that melt in your mouth.....

90. New Friends
91. Monster Mud

92. First time bowling

93. Pink Bowling balls

94. Sister support.......waiting for the pins to fall.

95. That I don't know the pain of being unequally yoked with my husband.
96. Time to teach

97. An eagerness to learn

98. Little brothers all grown up

I've missed you all, but have enjoyed some quiet.  Tell me what's been going on in your world.  Did you receive any unexpected gift recently?


holy experience

Friday, June 18, 2010

faith Filled Friday: What's holding you back?

God is doing something BIG in my life.  I don't know all the details yet but He is revealing things to me.

Visit me at Seeds of Faith today to read more about His Plans!

Seeds Of Faith For The Christian Mom


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bravery To Be Courageous

Meet my sweet friend Lacey!!  She has recently begun blogging about her family's homeschool journey at The Well Traveled Day.  This post from her could not have been MORE PERFECT for me to read today!!  I hope it blesses you as much as it did me!  

The story of this girl, may not be what you think it is.  We are talking about Noah’s wife.  She doesn’t even have a name in the Bible.  I’ve read a few lines on what people “think” her name was, but it’s totally unimportant to the truths we will find out about her when we look closely.
Noah’s wife is mentioned in Genesis on five occasions (Genesis 6:18; 7:7, 13; 8:16, 18).  In most instances, she’s being obedient to Noah and to God.  Let’s look at the situation.  You are living your normal life - tend the donkey, get water from the river, feed the kids.  Your husband comes home and tells you he’s building an ark because the whole earth will flood (you don’t even know what that means) and God said so. Two things could have happened.  She could have criticized him and told him he was crazy.  Or, she could have the absolute bold courage to stand up and be obedient.  The second one is exactly what she did. 
She rolled up her sleeves, got her head in the game and went to work.  You’ve got to wonder though, what kind of thoughts were going through her head? She was probably thinking about how the earth was to be flooded, and it sounded like everything she knew in her life was on the line.  Her home, her land, her animals, her garden, gone!  But most of all, the whole land was criticizing Noah and his wife about God’s command.  People were giving them the feeze-out all over the place.
Here is where the true courage kicks in.  In the face of criticism and adversity, you follow what your heart is telling you.  You don’t worry about what others are thinking, or the bad advice they are giving you.  Listen to what God speaks over Joshua - “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9)  If you are seeking God with your ambitions, then have the courage to go for it.  No guts, no glory, right? 
Noah’s wife wasn’t just being obedient to Noah, but to God as well. She was using up all the courage she had inside her.  Someone once wrote, “What was Mrs. Noah? She was the woman most responsible for the human race.  She was a woman of courage, determination, a woman of purity, a farmer, a ship builder, a zookeeper, a faithful helper, a woman of God.”  She couldn’t have been a ship builder and a zookeeper without some sort of bravery.  She didn’t have a book on how to do these things.  She paved her own road, raised her own sails, and did her thing. 
What I really want you to know is that almost always, obedience to God takes courage. If God has clearly put on your heart a dream and desire for your life, I’m most positive there somewhere in you there is fear.  Like so many wise people have said, “God doesn’t call the equipped, he calls the willing.”  Are you willing?  How willing?  Willing enough to give up everything and do all it takes to pursue your desire?  Noah’s wife was.  God’s plan became Noah’s vision, and that inevitably became Noah’s wife’s vision as well.  While she was building that ark - nail after nail;  and while she was counting the animals and getting them settled - knee deep in smelly stuff I imagine, she probably couldn’t see the finished product.  She didn’t know where she would land.  Would she be the other side of the world, or a mile away?  She didn’t know what the future would hold.  She did know how to be completely obedient and to summon up the courage to do just about anything. 
So what do you need to take away from the story of Noah’s wife?  Tell God. Just tell him.  It doesn’t need to be fancy or formal.  Tell Him in your own words that you are willing to go where He leads, and go when He says.   He created you, remember?  He already wired you for something.  It may still be a mystery, or He may have already shown you a little of it.  Just tell Him you are willing and have the courage to do something big.  He wants to use YOU.  Yep, you. 

I would love to know how this post impacted you?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My First Love

Meet my new friend Michelle.  After I read her Coke post I fell IN LOVE with her!  Her writing inspires me and challenges me and I LOVE that she understand what I mean when I say it's HOT outside (being from Texas too and all)!

My First Love

Have you ever loved a book so much that you just wanted to read it non-stop and tell everyone about it?? I have twice in my life. Normally I wouldn't consider myself a reader... that is normally I HATE to read, but twice I've had something stir me so deeply within that I couldn't stop reading and I just wanted everyone to know what I was reading!! The first time was when I was 17... I had just become a believer and the Bible was totally new to me! Everything I read was SO fresh and full of life!! I couldn't stop reading. I HUNGERED for God's word! I wanted to know more, be more like what I read and tell everyone about the GREAT things His word said! I was ON FIRE for God and was in love with His words.If He commanded me to go, I went! If He commanded me to love, I loved! If He said to think on things that were noble and true, I thought on those things. I didn't want to miss anything God said!

That's the way it used to be. I'm far from 17 now (I'll actually be 40 in August... gasp!)... years have come and gone since that excitement. It lasted a good long time though (around 10 years). It wasn't until I started dating my husband that I lost that excitement. The evenings that I used to spend soaking in God's word I spent getting to know my boyfriend (future husband). I still made time for reading my Bible... just before bed and after hours of hanging out with my new love. Then we got married and my bedtime reading turned into bedtime talking with my honey... it was great and  I knew Paul talked about this divided interest, so I figured it was pretty natural.  Then we had children and any free time I thought I had was gobbled up in interest with them. And I'll tell you right now, I'm not a morning person, and I'm definitely not a morning reader and by nighttime I am EXHAUSTED! I barely have energy for our bedtime talks anymore, let alone bedtime reading!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being married, LOVE my children, and LOVE the time I spend with them. God has taught me SO much about Himself through them and our relationships (and as a mom, my prayer life has never been greater)! ;) 

Then recently something happened... I read a blog about a book entitled Radical by David Platt. I was so intrigued by what I read about it that I did something I've NEVER done... I downloaded and printed chapter 1 to read! I got my copy, went to my bedroom, got cozy in bed and started reading the first chapter. By page 5 I had my husband order the book! Once my copy came in, I read it like crazy! I got SO excited by what David Platt was saying about our need to live radically for the Lord and break away from the American Culture... turn our culture and the church upside down in radical obedience to the Lord! I started blogging about it and telling everyone I knew about it, but deep inside I felt bad that I wasn't as excited about God's word as I was about David Platt's words. I actually had planned to write this post about something I read over the weekend from the book, but as luck would have it (although I'm sure it's by Divine Appointment) I can't find my copy of the book. I had it this afternoon reading, and then I misplaced it... I have NO idea where it is...

But as I went around the house (near frantically) looking for it so I could write this post, I was STRUCK by the realization that I've fallen SO far from my FIRST love. It pains me that I'm not frantically searching for my Bible to share something AMAZING that I read in it... it pains me that I don't know where my Bible is (that's a really sad confession to make... and even to be making it here on a guest post). I'm still excited about the things I've been reading in Radical and I plan to share how God's working in my life through it, but I pray I'll remember my first love and find His words as inspiring and awe-producing as I have David's. I pray that God will stir within me a passion for His Word. And if you're like I am and you've fallen from your first love, I pray He'll restore that passion for His Word in you as well!

"And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God." Ephesians 3:17b-19

May we fall in love with His Words all over again! ♥ Michelle (from 

LOVE THIS!!  Thank you Michelle! 

Where are you in your relationship with God today? "Head over heels" or "it's been too long"?  

Monday, June 14, 2010

Compassionate Crafting

Meet my sister and best friend Keri!  She writes a sweet blog about her life with two busy boys and her hubby at Just Peas and Carrots.  Stop over and fall in love with her family!

Something very important to me as a mother, is to always help my boys have a humble heart. I hope that by setting an example, and sharing with Owen and Elliot about people that are less fortunate, or have found themselves in a place of need, the boys will grow to have a heart for serving others.

I recently read about a humanitarian project called Rainbow around the Block. This is a quilting initiative started by fabric designer, Anna Maria Horner, with the purpose of creating beautiful handmade quilts for the residents of Tennessee who lost their homes to flooding. I am a big fan of Anna Maria's fabric line, quilts, and decorating style, and inspired by how she manages to be fabulous at all of this while mothering five children. For me, this is a perfect combination of crafting and caring, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Because of the simplicity and creativity of a quilt square, it is a perfect project to involve kids in. Today Owen and I sat down and chatted bit about the flooding, and what it might feel like to be missing some of his favorite things. I went on to tell him about the quilting project, and how people all over the country were going to be making quilt squares, and that Anna Maria needed our help! Well, he thought this was very exciting, and could not wait to get to work! I set him up with some pre-cut 4" squares in the same color family, and let him just play with placement and design a bit. While he was piecing together a pink square he said, " I bet this square will be a nice quilt for a Mommy". Love it... makes my heart smile.

There is such love and beauty in a handmade gift, especially when it is serving someone in need. Children can really connect with giving in this way when they see the project from beginning to end, and the cause is something that interest them.

Craft hope is a wonderful website, aiming to connect crafters with charities in need. For their current project they are teaming with The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, the Audubon Nature Institute, and the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge to help care for the oiled animals in the Gulf coast. This would be a great project for an animal lover or first project for a young knitter or sewer!
Maybe your child loves to help you "craft" in the kitchen. Even something as simple as baking cookies to take to your local firehouse, or helping you make a meal for a neighbor who is not feeling well, can help your child be more in tune to the needs of others.
I believe that setting an example of giving is something anyone can do, but with so much suffering in the world today, sometimes it can be daunting to know where to start. Remember, little ones don't need to hear it all. There is a balance between bringing awareness and preserving the innocents of childhood;
not burdening their heart with too much information. Start with something simple, and spark their interests... give your child the gift of compassion.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Help Your Child to Love Classic Books

Meet my friend Robyn from Our Homeschool Home.  She offers practical tips for better blogging, creative ideas for homeschooling, yummy recipes and beautiful photography on her blog.  I'm sure she would love for you to stop in for a visit!

illustration of Lost Boys, Wendy, Peter PanImage via Wikipedia

For Christmas I gave my son the Puffin Classic book set. I knew they were not exactly what he'd had on his Christmas list, but would be something we would enjoy together and from which he would learn a great deal. But, I knew while the books themselves were special, the love of reading them was my goal.  

1. Make it routine. Each day, we spend 30 minutes reading classic books. Many times these are the books that are included in our read-aloud time and I will say we both get a lot from our read-aloud times.

2. Keep them available. On each of our library trips, Little Buddy picks books that he would like to read over the next two weeks. In this group, he is required to include a least one classic book. We maintain a book list of classics and he makes his selections based on our listing. And of course, we have a home library well-stocked with classic books at all age levels.

3. Have fun. While we are reading a particular classic, I research to find activities to go along with our reading. For instance, we just read Peter Pan and our local community theater held a production while we were reading it. We also spent time playing like we were the Lost Boys and spent an afternoon acting out the book ourselves. 

I look forward to our reading each afternoon. It's quiet amazing how often our 30 minutes of reading turns into an hour or more before we realize it. And that is exactly what I hoped would happen.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

faith Filled Friday: Somebody Loves you.....Guess Who?

I'm over at Seeds of Faith today with a cute reminder that you are loved. I had a little help from an energetic 3 year old! Hope you'll stop by!


Seeds Of Faith For The Christian Mom

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Time to Rest

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time it is no secret that I lead a very crazy, high energy, full life.  What you probably would never guess is that I have Lupus.  I was diagnosed ten years ago, two weeks after meeting the man of my dreams.  At 19 years old my body was invaded with inflammation, causing the tissues and cells to rapidly age to that of someone more than twice my age.  I did not even have the energy to do a load of laundry most days.
Learning I have Lupus changed my life.........for the better.  I refer to it as God's way of keeping me in check.  He tells us in scripture to be good stewards of our bodies - to eat well, exercise, rest.  For me these fundamentals are simply not an option.
Cleaning out my body and cleaning up my life changed my health and put my Lupus into remission, where it stays most of the time.  I have never taken any medication for my Lupus.  I have had four beautiful, healthy babies with no problems .  For the most part I keep up the pace of our lives without much thought to how much I am really asking of my body.  But every so often God uses my Lupus to whisper to me to slow down......if I don't pay attention the first time He will keep after me and then I have no choice.  My body will simply not do any more.
I am in one of those times right now.  
Our last couple of months have been no less than CRAZY.  I know I have continued to push myself to get through what needed to be done.  I knew I was ignoring the whispers.  But now I simply must STOP and REST.  I am not in a flare up, but I could easily be if I don't pay attention to my body.  I have cleared my calendar, keeping only what is an absolute must or easy and fun.
So while I rest and take care of my body I have a treat for you!  Over the next couple of weeks you will get to meet some of my friends and hang out with them!  I feel sure they will challenge you, inspire you and entertain you while I am away.

Resting in His love,


PS - When I am back to blogging I have a fun giveaway for those of you that make my friends feel welcome while I am away.  Hint: the more comments you leave for my friends the more chances you have to win!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Photography Contest! How do you think she did?

Recently Abby entered a photography contest to win the new American Girl Lanie Doll.  Even though she did not win, I thought her entry was REALLY good (and not just because I'm her Mama)!  

The essay portion: answer the following prompt in 300 words or less - 

I am inspired by nature when:

I see a yellow butterfly.  They make my heart feel happy.  I go crazy because I know THAT butterfly is God reminding me about my Mammie (my mommy's mom).  She went to Heaven when I was three.  I like to watch the butterflies fly around the flowers and drink the nectar.  When I see a yellow butterfly I think about Mammie giving me lots of kisses.

The photography portion: take 5 nature photographs from the list provided - 

A Pinecone
A Tree Without Leaves
An Animal with a Shell
A Seashell
A Bud on a Tree

What do you guys think?  Didn't she do good?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Faith Filled Friday: When your feeling Empty...

My spot with Seeds of Faith is "Faith Filled Friday".  As I sit down to write today's post I am emotionally drained, physically exhausted and just.plain.tired.  Usually when I write I aim at inspiring you in your Faith in God, but today I just feel the need to be real....

Visit me at Seeds of Faith today to read more.

Seeds Of Faith For The Christian Mom

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dreams DO come true

She told me last night 
that she doesn't want to go.

She finally has the family 
she's always dreamed of.

I didn't know what to say......

I know what she means.
I feel the same way...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beat the Heat with Audiobooks!

Audiobooks are a great activity for any season of the year, but particularly for those HOT summer afternoons.  These are some of the ways that I use them:

  • "Nap time" for older children - In our house the younger girls nap and the older girls have a quiet time in the afternoon after lunch.  Audiobooks help keep the older girls quiet and resting without thinking they are having to take a nap.  I usually let them lay on the couch or a big pile of pillows to listen.  They are happy to listen to CD's with or without a book to accompany it.  
  • Winding down for busy Preschoolers - For Claira (3.5) she listens to a story, usually with an accompanying book in her bed before she falls asleep for her nap.  She can have a hard time winding down and this does the trick!
  • Reading Comprehension - I also incorporate audiobooks into our lunch time.  We listen together as we eat and then I can easily stop the CD or tape and ask them discussion questions.  Asking them questions helps build their reading comprehension.  
  • History - Audiobooks are a great way to learn history.  Right now Abby (8.5) is listening to a series on famous people in history.
  • "Reading" for kids not quite reading yet - Abby loves the Hank the Cowdog series and the Magic Tree House books, but she is not able to read them on her own yet.  The audiobooks solve this problem!  
  • Car Trips - for car trips both short and long, audiobooks are a great way to keep the peace in the car and prevent boredom.
  • Book Reports - a fun way to share the story they listened to (and keep some of their skills sharp for the school year) is to have them do a book report for the family when they finish listening to the book.  Encourage them to be creative with their report (so they don't think they are having to do school in the sumer) by letting them act out a scene from the book, do an art representation of the book or put together a lapbook summarizing of the book.  

This post is part of the We Are That Family,
Works For Me Wednesday Annual Summer Edition: "Mom I'm Bored!"

Check it out for LOTS of Summer Boredom Busters ideas!

Paci Clip / Toy Clip Tutorial

Sadie~Ryan is 6 months old.  She is grabbing hold of everything within her reach.  Until her hands have a little more practice she is still at the stage where she frequently drops everything!  I knew we had lots of activities coming up where she would need to be occupied with toys and I didn't want to bring home EVERY germ we encountered!  So I literally whipped this out in about 20 min.  I am by NO MEANS a talented seamstress (that would be my sister's domain) and this is my first tutorial so here goes........

What you need:
1.  A piece of cotton fabric 
2.  A piece of ribbon 8 in long
3.  A piece of ribbon 12 in long
4.  A Badge clip (purchased at an office supply store)

Cut the fabric to 14 X 5.5 (10 X 5.5 for a paci clip)

Take the badge clip

and pull the plastic part off.

Feed the 8 in piece of ribbon through the hole in the clip.

Fold each side of the fabric evenly into the middle and iron in place.

Fold each end about 1/2 in and iron in place.

Fold the fabric in half and place the ribbon in between the two pieces.

Repeat with the other end and iron and pin everything in place.

Sew the perimeter of the fabric about 1/4 inch in.

I back stitched each end one time to reinforce it.


There is something very fulfilling about being able to make what I need with what I have on's an added bonus that it turned out so cute!

A special thanks to my sewing photographer Abby :). Didn't she do great?