Monday, June 28, 2010

Multitude Monday: Milestones

So much in our lives has been changing over the past couple of months and so much is about to change over the next year.  I am feeling the weight of it all in good ways and bad.  Lots of hard things, but lots of anticipation and excitement in the air.  It's quite a mix of emotions I go through on a daily basis.

Today I am continuing on my journey to find 1000 Gifts.

81. God's PERFECT Timing!
82. Accomplishments

83. First Teeth!
84. First Banana!

85. Mobility!

86. Provision to do a budget with
87. Another successful summer adventure
88. Family Movie Night
89. Homemade Tortillas that melt in your mouth.....

90. New Friends
91. Monster Mud

92. First time bowling

93. Pink Bowling balls

94. Sister support.......waiting for the pins to fall.

95. That I don't know the pain of being unequally yoked with my husband.
96. Time to teach

97. An eagerness to learn

98. Little brothers all grown up

I've missed you all, but have enjoyed some quiet.  Tell me what's been going on in your world.  Did you receive any unexpected gift recently?


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