Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Photography Contest! How do you think she did?

Recently Abby entered a photography contest to win the new American Girl Lanie Doll.  Even though she did not win, I thought her entry was REALLY good (and not just because I'm her Mama)!  

The essay portion: answer the following prompt in 300 words or less - 

I am inspired by nature when:

I see a yellow butterfly.  They make my heart feel happy.  I go crazy because I know THAT butterfly is God reminding me about my Mammie (my mommy's mom).  She went to Heaven when I was three.  I like to watch the butterflies fly around the flowers and drink the nectar.  When I see a yellow butterfly I think about Mammie giving me lots of kisses.

The photography portion: take 5 nature photographs from the list provided - 

A Pinecone
A Tree Without Leaves
An Animal with a Shell
A Seashell
A Bud on a Tree

What do you guys think?  Didn't she do good?


Keri said...

Yes! Love the essay and the photographs. I think my favorite is the bud on the tree.

Robyn said...

She did great! Love encouraging photography! I especially love her photo of the pinecone.

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