Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Time to Rest

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time it is no secret that I lead a very crazy, high energy, full life.  What you probably would never guess is that I have Lupus.  I was diagnosed ten years ago, two weeks after meeting the man of my dreams.  At 19 years old my body was invaded with inflammation, causing the tissues and cells to rapidly age to that of someone more than twice my age.  I did not even have the energy to do a load of laundry most days.
Learning I have Lupus changed my life.........for the better.  I refer to it as God's way of keeping me in check.  He tells us in scripture to be good stewards of our bodies - to eat well, exercise, rest.  For me these fundamentals are simply not an option.
Cleaning out my body and cleaning up my life changed my health and put my Lupus into remission, where it stays most of the time.  I have never taken any medication for my Lupus.  I have had four beautiful, healthy babies with no problems .  For the most part I keep up the pace of our lives without much thought to how much I am really asking of my body.  But every so often God uses my Lupus to whisper to me to slow down......if I don't pay attention the first time He will keep after me and then I have no choice.  My body will simply not do any more.
I am in one of those times right now.  
Our last couple of months have been no less than CRAZY.  I know I have continued to push myself to get through what needed to be done.  I knew I was ignoring the whispers.  But now I simply must STOP and REST.  I am not in a flare up, but I could easily be if I don't pay attention to my body.  I have cleared my calendar, keeping only what is an absolute must or easy and fun.
So while I rest and take care of my body I have a treat for you!  Over the next couple of weeks you will get to meet some of my friends and hang out with them!  I feel sure they will challenge you, inspire you and entertain you while I am away.

Resting in His love,


PS - When I am back to blogging I have a fun giveaway for those of you that make my friends feel welcome while I am away.  Hint: the more comments you leave for my friends the more chances you have to win!


arjpup said...

You will be missed. I am praying for you, my friend. I look forward to your blogging return and look forward to read your friends as well - Amy K

Robyn said...

I'm praying your break gives you exactly what you need! I'm looking forward to guest posting next week and appreciate your inviting me to do so!

Lucy said...

I hope your Lupus stays in remission. I tested positive for Lupus Anticoagulant a few years back. It changes into Lupus 50% of the time and the pos test scared me into changing my life. Its nice to see that you have been living a pretty normal life with the full blown condition. You have given me lots of hope if things go the other way. I did test negative this year so things are looking up. I hope you are well rested now.

Still working down the UBP list

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