Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Around the Dinner Table

I cherish these memories.
They are fewer and fewer these days.
And I know very soon they will all but fade into the past.
And once again it will be "just us".
The family we started out to create.

All together.
Around the table.
Breaking Bread.
Sharing our day.

To read more about how our "big family" came to be visit me here.

What special memories do you treasure with your family?



singedwingangel said...

OH Imiss all of this too. Mykids are constantly on the go hubby is always working... I want a day like that...

Anonymous said...

The big holidays tend to stand out the most. But it's the mundane everyday things that reveal His miracles for me... Diaper changes, having breakfast & tea together, story time...

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