Sunday, May 2, 2010

A week In The Life: The Week's End

I discovered something, while I was working on my A Week In The Life Project last week.  WE ARE A BUSY FAMILY!!  Some of it is the nature of having a big family and the time of year (especially with a graduating Senior) but a good portion of it is just keeping up with the pace in the world around us.  Because it was just too much to document every detail I picked my favorite "everyday" moments to wrap up the week.

An early morning for Roma

Good Morning Daddy!



Morning Play!

Outfit Number 1

Outfit Number 2

Outfit Number 3


"You brush your,ch,ch,ch,ch."

"You brush your teeth!" ~Raffi

Making Beds


You must have the right shoes on for clearing the dishwasher.



"Bye Daddy! Have a good day!"

I learned to read this week!

I learned to fold socks this week!

A Reading Pep Talk!

3 Weeks!!

American Heritage Girls

Holding On!

All Clean!

"Mommy, what are we having for Dinner?"

Dinner Prayers

The Remains of the Day

I loved documenting our family in this way!  I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of our everyday lives.  I intend to repeat the project next year and I wold love for you to join me!  


Kristen said...

I love this idea too! It shows that your lives are intentional and that's a good thing.

Kim said...

I love your idea for writing menus down on a big board like that! I really need to get one of those!

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