Thursday, April 29, 2010

A week In The Life: Tuesday

Tuesday was a Full Day for us.

A quick breakfast.

Time To Go!  Anyone seen Claira's shoes??

Jubilee Organics Produce Coop

Home from Target
to grab a quick Lunch.

Then off to the Eye Doctor
A New Prescription for Nina

Perfect Vision for Abby

Emmalie is Slightly Farsighted.  She's excited about the possibility of glasses.  
Secretly I am, too.  She would look SOO cute!

Dr. Moffitt - "What's your name?"
Claira - "Claira Bokros!"
Dr. Moffitt - "OK Claira.  I just need you to tell me what pictures you see on the screen."

Claira - "A Puppy!!!"
Dr. Moffitt - "We are going to call that a telephone, OK?"
Claira - "Mommy, This is FUN!!"

Home for Naps
I got one, too :)!

Still waiting for that laundry soap......

Could it be????


Putting Toilet Paper in the Bathrooms


Cleaning Up My Mess

Trimming Bangs

Thinking about how to make peace with Mommy 
for breaking her favorite lipstick.

Helping Daddy Return Emails

Home From School

Playing Dollhouse

"Mommy, Can I hold her now?"

Silly Sisters

All I really need
is a song in my heart,
food in my belly
and LOOVVE in my family!
~Recorded by Raffi, Sung Whole Heartedly by Claira all day.


singedwingangel said...

hose are beautiful pictures and such a lovely family. Looks like you have your hands and heart full momma and handle it gracefully..

Anonymous said...

Did you change something? Your header? Just so you know, I hate getting my eyes checked. (Did you get a chance to subscribe? I am lovin this. Ty.)

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