Monday, April 12, 2010

Multitude Monday: Healing

I went to a funeral today.  I had only spent one afternoon with this woman, but I felt connected to her.  I wanted to go to the funeral or maybe I needed to go.  I had much the same feeling the afternoon I spent with her.  I called her up out of the blue, introduced myself to her and asked if I could come and talk with her.  In a strange way spending the afternoon with her was almost like getting to spend the afternoon with my mom again.  She was easy to talk to and I shared from my heart about my mom's sudden diagnoses, the horrible 11 months she lived through and her welcomed death.  I say "welcomed death" simply to say that all of us, including her, were so glad for the nightmare to be over.  God had answered our prayers.  She was healed of the cancer that overtook her body and mind, not in the way that I prayed for, but she was healed.  My mom was never able to openly talk about her impending death and that was hard on us all.  Kim openly shared about her cancer and asked about my mom's, thoughtfully listening to every word I said.  It was so healing for me.  I don't think she had a clue what that afternoon meant to me.  Maybe I'll tell her when I see her again. 

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Christmas with her Granddaughter

"Ringing the Bell" at her Final Radiation Treatment

Marlotte Ann "Mammie"

I am on a journey to find 1000 Unexpected Gifts.  These were the gifts I was given today.  

Did you find joy unexpectedly today?


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Kim said...

I love your blog, Maggie. It is so uplifting. I understand what you mean about a "welcome death" my first husband died at the age of 35 from cancer leaving me with 2 little boys to raise. We thank God, that we know he is in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. Love your reflection.

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