Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teach Me Tuesday: An Easy ABC Book

This Easy ABC Book has been a great way for Emmalie to learn the sounds of the letters in the alphabet.  I introduce a new sound at the beginning of the week.  She does lots of different activities having to do with that sound.  Some of our favorites are: cuisenaire rods, a coloring page of the letter, an alphabet hunt and a craft project using the shape of that letter.

Then she chooses one thing that reminds her of that letter sound and we take a picture of her with the object.

"F" for Flower  ~ and ~  "J" for Juice

We add a big letter sticker.  These stickers are raised so she can trace it with her finger for early writing practice.

"H" is for Hammer and Hat

Then we add it to her photo book.

This is just a $2.00 photo book from Walgreens.

She loves looking through the book again and again.  She even "reads" it to her little sister, teaching her the letter sounds.


Ms. Michalek said...

Cute ideas!!

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