Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A week In The Life: Monday.....oh, Monday...

Just to warn you ahead of time this will not be the beautiful, poetic post of Sunday Morning.  It's Monday and I am documenting our real life for a week so here it is......Real Life.

My typical Monday involves changing and washing sheets and towels, dusting (when I can get to it) and general clean up from the weekend.  I try to fit a little school in there, but sometimes just getting back into the daily routine is enough to expect from everyone.
I procrastinated and did not order my laundry soap.
On my big laundry day of the week I could do NO laundry.  This might seem like a good thing, but when you have a diaper leak and an accident on the floor before 7:45 am to add to the already overflowing hampers I can tell you IT IS NOT!

The breakfast conversation consisted of the usual arguing over who gets what spoon? Who gets what color bowl?  Can I be done (after one bite)?  Can I have more sugar in my oatmeal?  There were discussions about playing with friends today and it being Pastor Dale's birthday.  Emmalie wanted to know if he was turning 19? (He is not, but will think this is a wonderful complement.)
After breakfast the girls raced over to the blanket where Sadie~Ryan was contently playing.  Their arguing over who was going to "talk" to her quickly became yelling and pushing until she was screaming.

Thank you, Honey....but I think I'll have to have my coffee in a bit.

 I headed to my bedroom to put Sadie~Ryan down for a nap, happy to be closing the door and leaving the chaos in the Living Room.  This would end up being the first of many unsuccessful naps today.  She has learned to roll over, get up on all fours in a bear crawl and take out her paci.  She has decided that nap time is the best time to practice all of these skills!  Combine that with teething and that makes for a lot of crying and very little sleeping.

After Ryan and Roma left for work and chores were all done we set out to meet some friends at the park.

Followed by Lunch.

Claira's baby, Shelby~Butterfly, joined us today.

A nap for Claira and another attempted nap for Sadie~Ryan.

A little (very little) school for Abby and Emmalie.  We were interrupted by the UPS man delivering a much anticipated box from Sears!

An afternoon walk with Danis and Bella.

A quick Hello and Good-bye from Daddy.....Softball night!

Tostados and Cilantro Rice for Dinner.

And Finally..........bedtime.


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Whew you wore me out lol..

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Still beautiful:)

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