Friday, April 2, 2010

Journey to The Cross: Our Seder Dinner

Last night we had our Seder Dinner.  I was so excited to be planning this special dinner for our family.  We had purchased the food.  We had studied all the elements of the dinner and their meanings.  Everyone was excited!  The older kids helped the girls make some symbols to decorate our table with.

Ryan's lamb was smelling fabulous in the oven. 

But I was starting to feel my typical 4:30/5:00 franticness well up inside me.  This is the time of the day when everyone is usually fussy and needs more attention (teenagers included), I am frustrated with my "list" for the day staring at me mostly unchecked, dinner needs to be started, Ryan has "one more thing to finish up really quickly" (translation 30-45 more min) and I have to kick it into overdrive to get it all done.  Of course this day had all of that plus the added pressure of us trying to put together this very special meal.

But as the meal time got closer,
it started to hit me......
the significance of what we were doing and I wanted to slow down
savor every moment.
Was that how He felt?
That was the purpose of Last Supper.
To share a meal.
To show His love.

If it was my last night with the ones I love
how would I be?
what would I say?

I knew without hesitation......

I would rock her a little longer,
fix her hair exactly how she wanted,

listen without rushing her,
hold her in my lap.

I would memorize the way her eyes
dance when she talks.

I would keep my hand in his,

never wanting the night to end.

And so that's what I did......


Holli said...

Beautiful. Very poignant.

Alice Coker said...

Isn't that the way we would live our lives if we were not so consumed with the next minute? Beautiful post. Thanks

Keri said...

Beautiful. I need to read this everyday.

Kristen said...

You made me cry!! Loved this and I want to do this with my family next year!

Linda said...

I loved reading this post.

We celebrated Passover for the first time this year. We loved it and plan on continuing to celebrate it every year.

Mitzi said...

Tears here.. That was beautiful..

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