Monday, March 22, 2010

Multitude Monday - Week 1

Days like today can be hard on a mommy. After a weekend full of activity I am tired.  Two leaky diapers, two changes of sheets, two changes of clothes, a bath, an extra load of laundry added to my regular three daily loads.  That was before 8:30.  I haven't worked in a shower for myself yet.  My list for today sits on the countertop with less checked off than not.  Days like today can make it easy to miss the joy in everyday life, the gifts from the Creator to His creation.  I am making a choice from this this day forward to be intent on enjoying the gifts that God has given me, not just the obvious, but the ones that often get overlooked.  I will be purposeful in seeking them out and intentional about thanking Him for them.  Won't you join me on my search for One Thousand Gifts?

1.    a weekend full of friends and family
2.    the wonder of bubbles
3.    a boy and a dog
4.    glitter glue
5.    interruptions 
6.    leftovers
7.    toys strewn from one end of the house to the other
8.    helpful hearts
9.    a baby who loves to be held
10.  beautiful music

holy experience


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