Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This life....is not about us!

Our fourth daughter, Sadie~Ryan was born this past November. She is so precious to us. She represents a reminder and a renewal of a covenant that Ryan and I made with God- to give over every area of our lives and allow Him to do anything He wants through us.  I will never forget the moment we made that promise to Him sitting hand in hand, heads bowed at our tiny kitchen table in our first apartment.
It has been quite a journey since then.  Our marriage has seen more in it's short nine years than most couples do in a lifetime.  When people hear "our story" we usually get one of two responses - "wow! You guys are amazing!!" or "that's aweful what you've had to endure". While both responses can be nice to hear at times (we are human after all), neither response is really acurate.
And that is why we decided to write our blog - to open our lives and to share God's work.  Because we are far from heros, just humble servants. We are far from perfect, just clay in The Potters hands. We are far from a life to pitied, just so honored to have been chosen. Because you see.........it's just not all about us.


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