Monday, March 29, 2010

A Visit from the Paci Fairy, An Update and A Multitude of Blessings

Claira was recently visited by the Paci-Fairy

Kissing her paci bye-bye.


The Paci-Fairy took the paci and left this on her night stand during the night.

Inside was a beautiful butterfly, princess dress.

An Extreme Life Makeover Update

Phase 1 was Clean Out and Clean Up.  We sorted through cabinets, closets and drawers compiling everything we no longer used or needed.  Keep One.....Throw One Away, we fondly call it.  Last weekend we had a big garage sale and I'm happy to say I am able to park in the garage again and our bank account balance is a little bit bigger.
I was so proud of Abby and Emmalie.  Before the sale they worked all week making bookmarks, decorating sugar cookies and bagging up homemade trail mix.  They set up their own little table and carefully explained to each shopper that they were earning money to send to their Compassion Brother and Sister in Africa.  They made lots of sales and even received some donations.  We are so excited to send this extra gift to Eunice and Macharia.
Phase 2 is Me.  Uggg......I hate even typing it.  I happily and proudly put my husband and my children first everyday.  But recently I was talking with a friend and she was telling me how it's important to her that she "present herself well, because she is a Daughter of The King".  While I agreed with her out loud, inside I was thinking "What?  Really? How does that work?"
Currently my wardrobe is less than slim pickings.  In the last eight years my size has looked something like Abby practicing counting by 2's - 2,4,2,4,6,4,2,4,6,4,2,4,6,8,6, get the idea.  Thanks to pregnancy hormones my hair has gone from straight, fine and blond to wavy, course and dark brown. And summer is coming so there will be the inevitable need for a swimsuit.
Don't get me wrong.  I am extremely proud of all my body has accomplished in the last eight years.  I am not striving for any particular size or waist measurement.  But the more I thought about my friend's insight the more I am realizing the importance of what she said, if for no other reason than to be a good example to my daughters.  I have no idea where to start.  I would love the help of my friends.

Multitude Monday

Everywhere I look
there is one mess
after another.
I'm tempted to get frustrated,
but then He stops me.
Reminds me.
These are the signs of life,
of family,
of His gifts to me.

11.   dirty socks balled up on the floor
12.   bikes on the driveway
13.   a skinned knee
14.   dirty dishes in the sink
15.   crumbs on the floor
16.   laundry....clean, laying over the arm of the couch
17.   tears
18.   how well He knows me
19.   a word spoken just to me in a message meant for everyone
20.   tiny paper scraps littering the floor from a little girl learning to cut

Where did you find an unexpected blessing today?

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Myk said...

So this is going to sound odd..but I committed several years ago--when in a rut of the Frumpy Dumpies- or as Oprah calls it looking like a "Schlumpadinka"!! I ONLY wear matching pajamas. Even if no body sees me but my children and God- I FEEL MORE put together. I also only eat desert and fruit in a fancy dish :-) You can laugh...I know it sounds silly!

Claira's pictures are ADORABLE!

Keri said...

I would be happy to sew you a handful of skirts. I think they would suit your "in between" size situation, you would feel pretty, and you could twirl everyonce in awhile when you needed a mood lift!

And the hair - well mine is a mess, so not to many words of wisdom there, except maybe to go short and sassy.

Kim said...

Great idea with the pacifier! Unfortunately my kids never took pacifiers (I say unfortunately because sometimes I'd love to stick something in their mouth and get them quiet). I do have a friend trying to figure out how to get rid of her duaghter's though, so I will share this tip with her.

Visiting from Works For Me Wednesday!

Allison said...

I just posted something yesterday about wanted to get rid of my son's paci--maybe I could leave him a super hero cape instead of the princess outfit!

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Just found your blog! The pictures are adorable!! I had to buy my son superman PJs and the pacifer went out the window!!

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