Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prom Dresses and Poopy Diapers

One of Sadie~Ryan's first big outings was to help Nina find a dress for her Senior Prom.  The plan was for Ryan to watch the other girls and I would take Nina and Sadie~Ryan.  But as most plans in our house do, it changed.  Ryan wasn't feeling well so off I went with all 5 of the girls.  Yikes!

All was going well about half way into trying on dresses.  Sadie~Ryan was sleeping soundly in the sling.  Nina had tried on several beautiful dresses and had several more to go.

The younger girls were enjoying watching Nina "look like a princess" and of course admiring themselves in the big mirrors.

Sadie~Ryan began to stir and I knew she was getting hungry.  Thankfully they had a little couch for guests to sit on in the dressing room area.  So I sat and nursed, while Nina continued her fashion show for us.  When her little tummy was full I crossed my leg over my knee and sat her up on my leg to enjoy the show.
A few minutes later I felt something warm on my lap and down between my legs.  I discreetly reached down and tried to determine "What In The World???  Had I Wet My Pants Unknowingly!!!"  And then I felt it............Thick, Yellow Newborn Baby Poop (you know the kind)!!  Hoping it was just on me and Sadie~Ryan I lifted her up and that's when I realized.......IT WAS EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Somehow the poop had managed to avoid the diaper and Sadie~Ryan's dress completely!!  It had spilled out over her diaper and her bloomers onto my lap and then all over the couch where we were sitting.
There was no being discrete at this point.  The smell of baby poop was quickly invading this formal wear store filled with mom's and their daughters trying to find "the perfect dress".  I needed help!!  Nina and her friend, that worked at the store, quickly began to gather paper towels and plastic sacks for me.  I filled the plastic sacks with paper towel after paper towel and every baby wipe I had with me.

Finally, everything was clean........except for the couch. No amount of scrubbing could touch the mustard yellow stain covering  half of the upholstery.  I apologized profusely and we left quickly.  I found out later they had to thrown the couch away.  

I am happy to say our second search for "the perfect dress", yesterday, went much better.  Instead of plastic bags full of poopy clothes, we brought home a beautiful dress.  


Me... said...

Oh my goodness! You did not tell me about this... I can't beleive they had to throw the couch out! make sure that goes in Sadie-Ryan' baby book. And I can't wait to see Nina's dress! She looks so beautiful and grown up in these pictures.

Tammy said...

That is awful! Definitely for the baby book! Nina looks beautiful! Hopefully you have a much more relaxing weekend!!!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry. Look on the bright least she didn't poop on Nina's dress!!

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